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The single use retractor that lets you schedule more surgeries every day.

The future of surgery belongs to single-use sterile instrumentation

Specialist, reusable retractors have traditionally been made from stainless steel or aluminium and are expensive to purchase and maintain.

In addition, they are difficult to clean giving rise to infection risk. Post-op infections impact patients and also costs hospitals significant sums and lengthened patient stays and remedial treatment.

Using advanced polymer materials, we have developed a revolutionary sterile retractor system that offers significant benefits to surgeons, hospitals and patients alike.

Why Single Use?

Eliminated Cost of Sterilization

Reduced staff kit organisation time

60 minutes

Reduced procedure Setup time

15 minutes

Reduced OR time

14 minutes

Post-precedure time

10 minutes

Reduced Cost of infection

average $30,000 per

Reduced patient and team radiation


Better O.R. Planning

The SURE Retractor is supplied ready to go.

 The SURE Retractor:

  • Improves OR efficiency
  • Simplifies and increases transparency for inventory management.
Single use disposable instrumentation delivers significant advantages in terms of costs and efficiencies. Time, human and financial savings are found throughout the planning and OR processes, as disposable instrumentation are less susceptible to mechanical failure or human error within the decontamination process. Because SURE is always ready to go and delivered sterile and calibrated, surgery can commence without delay, improving efficiency of theatre staff.

Better O.R. Efficiency

Adopting the SURE Retractor delivers savings across the board

Cost savings
  • No maintenance or repair – just procure & dispose
  • Fewer cancelled cases – risk of missing or damaged kit is eliminated
  • No sterilization costs incurred – the retractor is delivered clean and sterile
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved OR efficiencies leading to a greater throughput of cases
Time savings
  • No cleaning or reassembly – saves staff time and processing
  • Always ready to go: no set up time, turnaround, decontamination or replenishment
  • Every instrument in one place – a quicker OR experience
Space saving
  • Refined kit design as opposed to bulky instrumentation
  • Easier storage and inventory management
  • Neutral carbon footprint compared to reusable metal alternatives
  • High quality packaging featuring pre-formed tray and tamper seal – simply peel and serve

Compare to Reusable Retractors

Cleaning issues

The costly problem of Surgical Site Infections

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