The future of surgery belongs to single-use sterile instrumentation

Specialist, reusable retractors have traditionally been made from stainless steel or aluminium and are expensive to purchase and maintain.

In additional, they are difficult to clean giving rise to infection risk. Post-op infections impact patients and also costs hospitals significant sums and lengthened patient stays and remedial treatment.

Using advanced polymer materials, we have developed a revolutionary sterile retractor system that offers significant benefits to surgeons, hospitals and patients alike.

Why Single Use Sterile?

There are a number of benefits that single use instruments bring:

  • Cost effective – no costs for sterilization, calibration and reprocessing, repairs or replacements
  • Time saving – no counting and checking instruments, lost components or ripped trays
  • Supplied ready to go – always available with no need to assemble the retractor body
  • No chance of cross contamination – reusable instruments have the potential to transmit prions, bioburden and infection if not properly cleaned
  • Reduced energy costs for transportation and reprocessing
  • Overall risk reduction – fewer SSIs, hospital costs and litigation issues
  • Improved theatre productivity time – less equipment to set-up and clear away
  • Minimal X-ray exposure – reduced number of X-rays required to obtain clear visualization
  • Studies show single use instrumentation can reduce OR time by an average of 14%

Cleaning issues

  • Small components are difficult to clean effectively
  • On-costs of sterilisation and re-processing
  • 28% of SSIs relate to equipment cleaning
  • Sterilization accounts for 4% of procurement costs

The costly problem of Surgical Site Infections

  • SSIs affect 6% of all surgeries
  • Leads to increased hospital stays and re-admittances
  • Costs $7.6 billion annually in US alone