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Always available. Always sterile.

Never the limiting factor.

Radiolucent, sterile packed, easy-to-use, single-use retractors that allow you to maximize surgical volume.

Mission Statement

We aim to make sterile, single-use retractor systems the standard of care for hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers. This paradigm shift creates a win-win scenario by reducing infection risks and improving patient outcomes, all while increasing revenue and efficiency, and reducing costs for the healthcare provider.

Be Sure

Maximize Surgical Volume

Improve OR efficiency


No Sterilization Process Department Delays

Reduce Infection Risk

Easy to Use
Staff Satisfaction

Four retractors to meet your needs.

Simplify your process.

Boost your revenue.

Maximize surgical volume.

With Sure you can maximize your operational and logistical efficiency which can help you plan more cases with certainty. The easy-to-use kits mean that any staff member can use the product even if they are seeing it for the first time. Sure reduces surgical delays due to sterility issues and allows extra cases to be planned which maximizes surgical volume and revenue.

So long, SPD bottlenecks.

A traditional retractor’s sterilization adds 12 steps to every operation. SURE’s sterile pack frees surgeons and staff from restrictive reliance on sterile services. Back-to-back surgeries? You’re all set. Weekend operations? You’re in control.

What you care about drives us.

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