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The Technology

The current healthcare marketplace has seen a move towards single-use instruments which have a number of benefits over reusable instruments.

This has been driven by health economics in general, and in particular by the availability of new strong polymers, which can cost-effectively replace existing metal instruments.

In addition, the ready availability and effective cleaning of surgical retractors has been an increasing problem over the last decade which led to a market need for a single-use solution.

Other surgical disciplines are already making the move – such as ENT, ophthalmic, gynaecology and dentistry. The same shift for spinal is inevitable.

Allied to this is the recurring issue with traditional metal retractors, wherein they block x-ray and often have to be removed or more x-rays to be taken in order for the surgeon to see what they are doing. Metal retractors also entail a significant initial outlay.

By using an advanced, radiolucent polymer, less x-ray exposure is needed – beneficial for the patient and surgical team.

The SURE management team has significant experience in the spinal market place and through being in theatres on a daily basis identified a need for a solution for surgical retraction in the spinal field – one that they have brought to the market at an affordable price – which will ultimately enable more spinal cases to be performed.

The SURE Spinal Retractor is the first of a planned ecosystem of single use retractors.

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