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SURE Retractors Inc announces the first 2 cases with its new A/P Sterile Cervical Retractor System

SUNRISE, FL – Oct 17th, 2023 – SURE Retractors Inc. a medical device company that has developed a range of industry-disruptive, sterile retractors for orthopaedic, trauma and spinal surgery, has announced the first use of their latest product line addition, a new sterile anterior and posterior cervical retractor with Dr. Richard Guyer of Texas Back Institute and Dr. D Fossett of Howard University Hospital in Washington, D.C. 

Richard Guyer, MD, Co-Director, Center for Disc Replacement, Texas Back Institute, commented, “I have been aware of the unique, innovative SURE Retractors technology over the last few months and finally got a chance to use their new high performance polymer cervical system on a 2 level Cervical Disc Replacement case on Thursday 5th October. The retractor comes in a sterile pack, which the staff loved, and has everything you need in one small box. Normally I would have to remove my usual retractor for the AP shots to check the centering of the distraction pins, however, as the SURE retractor is radiolucent, this was not necessary, and it provided visualization unlike anything else I have ever seen. This probably saved around 5-7 mins of OR time. The intra-operative images, with no artifact from traditional retractor blades, allow you to see exactly where the disc replacement is during insertion.  It also reduces the amount of fluoro used, which is beneficial to the patient and surgical team. I will continue using the SURE retractor on all my future cervical cases and believe this will become the standard of care for retractors moving forward.” 

SURE radiolucent retractors are single-use, surgery-ready, sterile-packed, and easy to use.  These retractors allow an ASC/Hospital to: 

  • Maximize Surgical Volume
  • Improve OR Efficiency
  • Improve Profitability
  • Reduce Infection Risk

Dr. Fossett, Chair of Neurosurgery at Howard University in Washington, D.C., commented, “Earlier this month, I performed a 5-level posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion for central cord syndrome.  For this case, I used the new SURE A/P Cervical Retractor.  I’ve previously used SURE retractors for posterior cervical, thoracic, and lumbar procedures as well as ACDF. I found the new retractor was as easy to place as my usual retractor. Since I had a long incision, I placed 3 blades on each arm of the SURE retractor.  I had excellent visualization throughout the case.  Since the retractors are radiolucent, I didn’t have to remove/manipulate the retractors when using x-ray/Fluoroscopy during the case – saving time and radiation exposure for the patient and OR personnel. I’m happy to use the SURE retractor with any future cases without reservation.” 

With SURE Retractors you can maximize your operational and logistical efficiency, which also helps more cases to be planned with certainty. The increase in throughput, reduced OR time, mitigated risks and eliminated sterilization costs can help to unlock substantial additional profit for each surgery undertaken. 

“I am delighted with the progress we have made in the U.S. in the last six months with our cervical, mini-open, lumbar, SURE Fire, and now our new A/P cervical retractor systems. Many Physicians, ASC owners and stakeholders are becoming aware of and adopting our technology. Our aim is to make sterile, single-use retractor systems the standard of care for hospitals and Ambulatory Surgery Centers,” said Forbes Butterfield, CEO, SURE Retractors Inc.

 SURE has filed patents for its technology around the world. 

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