Adopting the SURE Retractor delivers savings across the board

Cost savings
  • No maintenance or repair – just procure & dispose
  • Fewer cancelled cases – risk of missing or damaged kit is eliminated
  • No sterilization costs incurred – the retractor is delivered clean and sterile
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Improved OR efficiencies leading to a greater throughput of cases
Time savings
  • No cleaning or reassembly – saves staff time and processing
  • Always ready to go: no set up time, turnaround, decontamination or replenishment
  • Every instrument in one place – a quicker OR experience
Space saving
  • Refined kit design as opposed to bulky instrumentation
  • Easier storage and inventory management
  • Neutral carbon footprint compared to reusable metal alternatives
  • High quality packaging featuring pre-formed tray and tamper seal – simply peel and serve