This section presents questions and answers about the functionality of the product.

Will the product be able to be used on obese patients?

The system is modular and has 4 blade size options – 60,80,100 & 120mm.
The 120mm blade sizes should accommodate even the most obese patients.

Will the product break?

The product is made from a strong polymer which has been shown to be as strong as reusable metal retractors in in-house testing.

Can I re-sterilize it for re-use?

No, the SURE product is single-use.

Is this not wasteful and bad for the environment?

Single use products have been shown to be carbon neutral. With re-usable products there is a lot of energy and water used in manufacturing, reprocessing and cleaning.

How do I use more than one SURE Retractor at once?

The system is modular and single-use so two retractors could be used for long incisions, such as scoliosis.

How does the product appear on X-ray?

The product blades have a feint outline on X-ray but do not obscure the surgical site.

How long do the light batteries last?

The lights will have full power for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Can I use the product for posterior cervical surgery?

Yes. 60mm blades are available which should be fine for most posterior cervical surgery.

What is the maximum force exerted when opening the retractor?

Normally a force of between 100-130N is exterted on opening a standard retractor. The SURE System Retractor will easily open 3 times this force if required.

Where is the product made?

The product has been designed, manufactured, assembled and sterilized in the UK.

Is it licensed for use in other procedures, such as hips/cardio etc?

The product is an instrument and as such can be used where required.