Better, safer and stronger – by design

  • Aeronautical grade polymer materials are reliable and lightweight
  • Multiple handles and blades deliver surgical flexibility
  • Modular build caters for different patient sizes – and multiple procedures


Suitable for multiple procedures

The modular capabilities of the SURE retractor deliver significant functionality to spinal surgeons, enabling the following spinal procedures to be covered:

  • Open posterior lumbar fusions
  • Wiltse Approaches
  • Posterior scoliosis
  • O-Arm cases
  • Decompressions / laminectomies
  • Foraminotomy

A simpler construction to existing metal retractors – supported by a range of blades and handles – delivers an easily customised solution to surgeons and enables expedited surgery.

Load and performance tests are readily comparable to steel alternatives, and at the same time ensure minimal soft tissue damage to the patient.

The SURE Retractor is simply better by design.