SURE delivers light where it’s needed most

  • Illumination reaches the deepest area of incision
  • Clearer view of surgical site and no shadows
  • Adjustable positioning of each light – with independent on-off functionality
  • No expensive fiber optics or additions required – and no set-up
  • Saves labour, time and stress for surgeons

How would you prefer to operate?

Conventional retractor systems are cumbersome and time consuming to set up – and are subject to the usual maintenance demands of stocking and sterilization.

Extra retractors and fibre optic cables can clutter the incision area and the operating field, and in many cases additional light sources and adapters may be necessary.

The evolutionary structure of the SURE lighting system enables specific targeting of the light source – and mitigates against any shadows within the surgical cavity.

SURE’s LED modules deliver the ultimate in adaptability and are delivered ready to use.

Better for surgeons, and safer for patients.

A brighter alternative with SURE