Sure Retractors Ltd acquire all rights from QSpine Ltd

Sure Retractors Ltd have acquired all rights and IP from Qspine in a move that will allow Sure Retractors Ltd to develop the product pipeline and look at strategic partnerships in the US.

Edwin Lindsay, Director, stated:

“By acquiring the assets of QSpine we can build on the fantastic feedback we have had from surgeons for the Sure Retractor System.

We believe we have some good IP and the product pipeline is targeted at the Ambulatory Surgery Centres in the US, which is set to be the fastest growing area of spinal surgery post Covid-19.

We are planning to start a fund raising round shortly to allow us to develop the next product in the pipeline.”

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SURE™ is a single use, sterile radiolucent retractor for surgery and is the first product in what will soon become a range of procedure specific retractors offering patients and surgeons significant benefits over traditional metal, reusable retractor systems.

The SURE™ system consists of a single-use, sterile radiolucent retractor, offering surgeons genuine benefits – in both technical and economic terms – to traditional reusable products, while also offering a novel integrated illumination option.

The radiolucent blades mean the retractor does not block the x-ray image and the surgeon can clearly see the key anatomical structures. In addition, because it is supplied sterile it is always available, helping avoid delays in theatre, cancellation of procedures and eliminates possible cross contamination from previous patients.